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thanks unu

ugh i feel like curling up and bawling my eyes out

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a quick word on pronouns

when my stepdad was explaining how it feels to be transgender to my stepbrother, he said 

“Imagine one day you wake up in the body of a labrador.  Would you be a labrador, or would you still be you, in your head?”

and my stepbrother said “I would still be me.”

well, let’s expand this metaphor, to take a look at pronouns in a simplified, easy to grasp way

imagine one day, you wake up in the body of a labrador.  you’re still you inside your head, but every person you met tries to feed you dog treats and calls you ‘good dog’

but you know you’re still you, so you work really hard

let’s say you go on a quest and find a wizard and he changes you back

you’re you again!  you have your own body back!

but everyone

is still trying to play fetch with you

everyone is still scratching behind your ear and calling you ‘good dog’

you finish your presentation at work and your boss tries to balance a biscuit on your nose for you to catch

you go out on a date and your date makes you eat your dinner off the floor

and whenever you say “NO!  I’M HUMAN!  STOP CALLING ME A DOG!”

you are told you’re being too sensitive

that it’s difficult for people to get used to and nobody really understands anyway and deep down you’re still a dog

that is why pronouns are important

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yes i support gay rights yes i would care if you died no i’m not going to reblog that post

yes i’m glad david karp made this website no i will not call him daddy

yes i think that post is true no i don’t care if you’re judging me
yes that is a scary face no it will not come kill me for not reblogging 

someone should livestream wreck it ralph because i never get to buy movies and i’ve never seen it…


wow I really appreciate nice anons a lot

this is a post dedicated to every anon that has chosen to use their anonymity to be good and send encouraging and nice messages instead of being mean to someone, you guys rock